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your face looks good!
and both of those humans are kinda cute!

Your kids are adorable! I'm almost done with Christmas presents, sorry it's taken me so long! :) I'm working on Keaton's blanket right now!

hi. :) i have always loved reading your blog, thanks for the update.

I still check just incase lol! I love your talents as a mama, designer, photographer & your spirit. Those boys of yours are just beautiful Kiss, just beautiful. Enjoy them, they grow so dang fast.

I did a little gasp when this popped on my reader. My first thought was - who the heck is Ollie? LOL Congrats on #2 and please keep up with the blog - love your designs, photos, and everything!

I've got you in my Google Reader, so it's always nice to see you pop up! Thanks for the update. :) Cute kiddos.

I'm reading!

I'm here. :) xoxo

YES! I want to hear everything whenever you feel like posting it. You know. No pressure. Just whenever. I have a blog. In my head. It will never see the internet. But it's well composed. So, kudos to you for getting it done, and so well at that. Your kids and photos of your kids are adorable and awesome, respectively. WEll--that would work either way, actually. And you, too. you. + photos of you. I go to bed now. making less sense than normal. Miss you! I wish we were neighbors.

I do! I do! I was so excited to see you pop up on the google reader :).

Ollie is a doll, and I can't believe our little April babes are nearly three.

In case you have no idea who this is - it's Melissa from DS.


a great little update! i have had you in my reader for years and have always enjoyed when you've popped in! :)

hi! glad to see you updating!

HI, and you know you still have lots of fans!

i just heard you were blogging again... i use to read ages ago. so glad that 1.) you're back and 2.) i found you again! your boys are adorable! and i LOVE that birth announcement!

I just stumbled upon your blog - all because of birthday blog-hop, and thank god for that! I love what you have to say and I will stay to hear more! thank you!

I just did! Stay sane, having 2 little boys around gets crazy! ;-)

I was looking for a bookmark and found this! Fun to read again, even though it's already past hoodie weather...

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