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Umm, so I'm totally blushing over here from all the nice things you said about me, haha, but I'm SO glad I was able to help! Your album came out so awesome. I love it!!

I have been thinking about doing a WITL this year and I just wanted to say that i LOVE your pages. They look amazing! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, and I will also be checking out the link to Lynette's page. Thanks again!

Very cool. I love the clean, graphic style. It's like your life is featured in a magazine. Thanks for the inspiration.

FANTASTIC!!! I love what you did! We are taking our first cruise next spring with 2 other couples and I can't wait to make the week long trip into a book using Lynnette's templates (which I have already ordered thanks to reading your blog post!)and your inspiration, that I can give to each of the other couples. I have never used Blurb though so I'm wondering - when you uploaded it to them did you use the pdf to book feature or did you do it another way?? When you get your book can you do a posy about it so we can see how it turned out and what you think of the final product? Thanks!

Nisa, OMG, this album is wonderful! I loved how you broke up your life into chunks - it made it seem so much more manageable. I'm currently working on my very first version of Project Life, so I don't know if I'll be doing a WITL project yet, but I am definitely inspired! Thank you for sharing your album! :)

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I am kicking myself for not completing mine--I even bought Lynette's templates this year too. I totally have to do this this coming year....I absolutely LOVE your book and photography. So super cool.

Do you do December Daily as well? I haven't looked around on your blog yet to see if you do....I have a feeling I will LOVE anything you do!

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