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OMG!!! I love seeing your thoughts on paper! I love every.single.detail of your core kit, Nisa!

Very cool Nisa! I am so happy for you, and you rocked it, big time!

I used to design the same way, usually during phone conferences at work. I liked the organic process of sketching on paper as a compliment to designing on the computer.

I love this so much, and have already put my advance order in for it. Can't wait.

I think I like the Rain kit best so far of all the kits. (That and Olive, which is also beautiful.) I like the cool colors. Right now I am using Cherry, but I look forward to using your kit in the future -- maybe next year? Congratulations on your success.

Wow. Just wow. I can see ALL the Rain journaling cards!! WooHoo. I loved this edition before - but now I totally have to get it.
I wonder if someone would buy my unopened Turquoise Edition, old style: in the gorgeous white box.

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