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Your photos are so cute! Thanks for participating in the blog hop! Can't wait to play!


Fantastic as always. You have a creepy ability to catch awesome moments. Although Keaton also seems to produce more hilarious faces per second than the average child.

These pics are adorable! Put a smile on my face!!

Oh that expression on the bottom photo! Brilliant!

Gorgeous photos. the bairns look about the same age as my wee grandson. They just make the sun shine in your life, don't they?

Oh! what cute kids. you are so lucky to have a family with a little one close in age to yours. they will grow up being cousins and best friends. have fun with your family.

Keaton, so cute and I still love your dog Nisa!

These photos are adorable!
I especially love little Nora's dress.
I don't suppose you could ask her mom where she got it?? ;)

oh man, hoopty and bus are so in love with biting water. hooper's teeth are so forking funny. and looking at bus is like looking at YOU. it's creepy and adorable at the SAME TIME.

The authors concluded that "although BCT produced slightly higher response rates and longer median progression-free survival than CVD alone, this was not associated with either improved overall survival or durable responses. Considering the extra toxicity and complexity, this concurrent BCT asfregimen cannot be recommended for patients with metastatic melanoma."
. While he hasn't been able to develop phonetic reading skills yet, he is becoming quite adept at what is known as "sight" reading where he memorizes and recalls whole words, and he sure knows his planets!

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