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Thanks so much for your portion. It's lovely! Good luck with your blogging :)

Very summery - thanks for sharing!

Totally cool kit! TFS

I love your stuff! IT's some of the first stuff I purchased off Jessica Spargue's site :) Keep it up!

I could not get valid files for the first half of your dl. Thanks for the freebies.

So excited to play! Thank you!@!

These papers in your kit are too cute. Love them.
Thank you. This is so great to get these kits. I have never done digital scrapbooking before and these kits will be great to get me started. Now I just need to sign up for the class to teach me.

Very funny sense of humor. Thanks for the cute kit.

the surf boards are so cute. Thanks!
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

Thanks so much! I love all your work :-)

thank you for the kit

Thank you!!!!

Such a fabulous mini-kit! Thank you so very much.

Thank you for this adorable kit! Love it, love it, love it!!

Thank you so much. Your work is wonderful. Thank you, thank you!!

How fun! I adore your stuff! I’ve been adding all kinds of your goodies to my cart this week! So inspiring and fun! Thank you. : )

I dl a second time and still can't get valid files for the first half.

Love the sunburst and the wave designs the best! All wonderful, truly! TFS!!!!!!!

P.S. I was in a hurry at first, or just chatting with my daughter, so I just downloaded and left (somewhat) random love. Now that I've read your speech, I have to thank you for all your wonderful designs! When I think of I think of you a LOT! Thanks for being there and helping her grow for as long as you have and I look forward to more Splendid designs in the future!!!!

Beautiful kit. Thank you so much.

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!

Thanks for the fun kit!

Love this kit! Thanks so much :)

Great kit, I love the surfboards!

Thank you! Great job!

What a fab kit! That little shark fin is adorable - can't wait to use it! Thank you!

Thank you so much! What a fantastic kit!

Thanks to all of you for the awesome kit!

Thanks Nisa dear!

gotta love a blog hop, thank you

FABulous! thank you!

Thank you! You were last but certainly not least!

Hi There! thank you so much for your portion of the digi kit :)
Just want to tell you I love your work - I have lots of your journaling cards for use with my PL! I love that they are very unique and colorful :)

thank you!

thank you-i love the colors and the theme! I totally understand about the blogging--maybe we can both get on a roll!

thanks for your contribution....LOVE

Love the colors and, well, everything!! Thank you so much!! xo

this is so beautiful! thank you very much!

Love it!! Thank you!

Thanks so much Nisa, love the kit! I'm a huge fan of your designs, oh and I totally LOVE your week in the life album, how I would treasure to have something like this when my kids were small. Thanks for the heads up about the template too!

Thank you!

Thank you so much. Lovin the surfboards and the generosity of all of the designers. Now wonder i love so much. What a team.

Thanks for the wonderful freebie! Happy birthday!!

Loved the hop and thanks for sharing these with us.

hehehe you kinda sound like me with the blogging thing :)
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful kit with us ♥

Thank you!

Love the sun & waves card :) Thank you.

oh my! i love love this one!! thank you!

Thank you! Love the surf boards!! Have a great day :)

Love that swirly sea - great kit - many thanks!!

Ooo... I love that pink hibiscus! Thanks!

Thanks for the kit! Love the paper with the stylized waves.

Very fun mini kit! Thank you so much.

I'm confused - I thought the blog hop links were supposed to be good through the 24th? Bummer - sorry that I missed out on your kit. Everyone else's downloads still seem to be valid today. Cute kit!

Disregard earlier comment -- suddenly the download is available again! Yay!! :-) Thanks!!

Dang! I'm sorry I missed your part but it is SUPER adorable! Thanks for all you do to make fantastic!

Thank you for your part...

Love the kit, but having trouble opening it, says it's a corrupted file. Any suggestions?

Thank you! You are one of my fave designers to shop from at the store, so keep up the great work!

Thanks for the great mini kit!

Thank you! I love your products!!

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