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Thank you for designing these!!! Just what I needed!

Oh brilliant! I was actually trying to remember how that website was phrased. I was going to fake a journal card like this but professional is much better. Thank you so much!

I LOVE you and your idea! This is PERFECT! Even though I am usually the one with either my camera or my phone really actually attached to my hand (usually both at the same time), there *are* times when my cellphone battery just can't keep up with all of the fabulousness going on around me. (LOL) So, I end up "missing that shot". These journaling cards are so perfect, I feel like you've fixed a problem before I even had to worry about it this year. :-) THANK YOU for sharing! (And, I LOVE the Rain Core Kit you've designed!)
~doreen at

Thank you! I was just thinking about something memorable from the weekend for which I don't have a photo. These are perfect!

These are great! Thanks for posting them. I'm definitely going to make use of these. Seems like I'm always in those don't-have-my-camera situations. My husband and I put our hands up to our faces as if we had a camera and say "click" when we come across a moment we want to mentally capture. We saw that on the Pam & Jim wedding episode of The Office ( So if you ever do cards that say "Click!" I'd use those too!

GREAT idea for cards! I pinned this on Pinterest, because I know others would love them, too! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! These are perfect.

Thanks, these are terrific.

These are really great. Thank you so much!

"And do I really want to carry one more thing?" I don't know how many times I've thought that about my camera. Thanks for the freebie!

Those are FAB! Thank you!

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